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Emergency Repair

Our emergency repairs service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergency Repair

We can offer a round the clock service with response times that can be tailored to your needs and at your customers’ convenience. Our vehicles are stocked with the right tools and materials to tackle most day-to-day repairs. 

Emergencies are defined as a health and safety threat to people or where there is a threat of significant damage to buildings or equipment. 

Examples include:-

  • Fire alarms
  • Gas leaks 
  • Major loss of gas, water or electricity supply
  • Total loss of heating supply in a building
  • Main drainage blockage
  • Escape of water
  • Floods or serious ingress of water
  • Serious damage caused by gales/storms
  • Roof leaks and resultant damage

We may not be able to carry out these repairs until it is safe to do so and / or suitable access equipment is in place and although these works may be the subject of an insurance claim, if we are instructed by yourselves we would require payment from you unless otherwise agreed.

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