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What to expect with RKP Maintenance?

It’s often difficult to image how your project will pan out so we are always upfront and clear with our clients from the very beginning to eliminate any doubts or uncertainties. Each project is different however, so this will give you just a general idea. To find out about how your property maintenance build and refurbishment project will progress in more details, contact us

Get in touch

RKP Maintenance if you have a property project but you are not sure where to start, what help you need and where from. Our friendly and experienced team will answer your call and take down the details of your initial enquiry. We’ll then pay you an on-site visit to really see what’s what, and get to know you and your specific requirements a little better.

A ballpark quote

Having seen the site and had an initial on-site meeting we’re able to provide you with a rough estimate of costs so you know where you stand and how your project stacks up against your budget.

Design and final quote

At this point of the project we are able to draft our combined ideas into a design concept for you. This will help you to visualize the property maintenance, build or refurbishment work and really bring the project to life. Again, these are initial ideas and we are flexible so we can change these if you’d like to make any alterations. When you’ve signed off the designs we can provide a final quote for you to agree upon.


Once the designs and costs are signed off we’ll be able to give you a programme of works to give you an idea of how long the project will take, including a definitive start and end date. We’ll also provide details regarding what type of activities (electrics, plumbing etc) will be taking place and when, throughout the duration of the project.

Launch and build

Once your project is launched and being worked on by our experienced and professional team you can sit back and relax- or you can be as involved as you wish. We’re happy to liaise with all the architects, site people, project managers and surveyors.

Regular progress meeting

We’re an easy team to work with as we update yourself with regular progress and carrying out meets. Nevertheless, you can pop in out whenever you like just to see how we are getting on. We are flexible and accommodating – and we’re contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so if you encounter any emergencies, we are always here to help out.

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RKP Maintenance
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